A virtual showcase for FFXIV screenshots
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Portraits are studio shots consisting of a single character (maybe two). Emotes used are usually vanilla with only slight adjustments.


Character shots are of one or more characters in various settings. Poses may be vanilla emotes or custom.


Action shots use action abilities in a studio or outdoor/dungeon environment. Minimal posing adjustments.

NSFW and Boudoir

The title speaks for itself. Can be in a studio or in other settings. Boudoir and suggestive poses only, nothing outright explicit.

Info + prices

Hello! My name is Fishy and I can be reached on discord at WaterlessFish#7136. I'm looking forward to taking pictures for you. Some things to note:

  • I reserve the right to cancel a photoshoot at any time. You will receive a full refund if no pictures have been taken. A partial refund will be given if some pictures have been sent.

  • Prices are for one final picture. One pose is considered one picture. During the process, varying versions of the shot may also be provided, so it is possible that you will end up with more than one actual screenshot.

  • Full payment is due upon booking. This is because there is a lot of prep work that goes into a photoshoot even before any shots are taken. Full refunds can be given if needed, but only before any pictures have actually been taken.

  • It can take up to 1-2 weeks for pictures to be produced. I ask for patience during this process. Time frames may vary depending on what is being requested and my current queue, but I will communicate the status regularly.

  • I will not use another creator's premade poses for commissions. At the time of booking, please supply pose references if you have them, preferably ones of real people.

The prices listed are for 1 final edited shot of 1 character in one pose/outfit, unless otherwise specified. Additional characters, glams, etc., will be an extra charge as listed. These are base prices. Prices may increase for more complex pictures.Prices (in gil):

  • Studio Portraits: 1 mil

  • Character Shots: 2 mil

  • Action Shots: 4 mil

  • Boudoir (Single): 4 mil

  • Boudoir (Couple): 5.5 mil

Additional Characters: 500k-1 mil per additional character/actor, depending on the complexity of the pose.Mods: If you request the use of specific mods in your shot, there will be a 500k fee added. We will also have to schedule a time for the shot and mare will be required. This fee will not be applied to boudoir/nsfw pictures.The mods fee will be waived if you can provide an mcdf file instead. (I'm happy to show you how to get this, just DM me!)